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Eu If you have any questions concerning our products and services, you can check the FAQ list below. You can directly contact us as well if you need more or further information. We will be happy to answer you and look forward to your response.

Yes, you can contact us for a free sample. We will deliver the sample under your courier’s account. A PDF catalogue can be sent via email.

Sorry, we don’t provide a price list to clients. All requested tin items are quoted individually, because the pricing can be influenced by the factors such as material thickness, product shape, size, order quantity, print colors, etc. and material prices can also change constantly. Please let me know your specific requirements, then we will quote and offer our competitive price.

Yes, we make tools by ourselves. We have an in-house tooling department to manufacture all kinds of tin tools so that your tool cost can be saved and minimized.

We will fully understand your requirements. Accordingly, we will issue a technical drawing and 3D drawing for your approval. After you approve them, we will issue a diecut file for you to prepare your artwork. At the same time, we will manufacture your tin tools.

Usually, we print in CMYK or PMS or CMYK+PMS on a big tinplate sheet first, split the big sheet to small pieces and then go to the punching and shaping process.

We have over 1000 sets of tools. The first thing is that we choose our existing tin shape according to your requirements so that the mould charge can be avoided. If the existing shapes do not meet your requirements, we will produce the mould to customize your tin.

Usually, glossy finish on printed tinplate is the most popular, then print matte, varnish matte or print matte on spot, and there are also some special finishes, such as soft touch finish, crackle finish and pearl finish.

Normally the charge of tin tools can be refunded if your order quantity reaches 100k. In other words, the tools are free of charge.

Yes, according to your artwork requirements, we will make tinplate proofing for you to check the colors, which is charged. After you approve the colors, we will do the sampling, which is charged too. For tinplate proofing, we need to shoot films and print on tinplate, so they cost some money. But, if your order quantity is big or you already paid your tools charge, we can consider making proofing and sampling free of charge for you.

The artwork designed in AI format is the most preferred. You can send us your artwork via WeTransfer or other cloud tools.

Devido à impressão em massa e configuração de produção, nossa quantidade de pedido mínimo solicitada é de cerca de 3.000-5.000 pcs para uma lata de grande porte e 10.000 pcs para uma lata de tamanho médio ou pequeno.

Usually, we use 0.23mm tinplate, which accounts for 95% of all tin boxes in the market. If clients need a strong tin or a deep-drawn tin, we also use 0.25mm, 0.28mm or 0.30 mm tinplate.

Tinplate is a steel plate electrolytically coated with a thin layer of tin. Tinplate is a kind of safe packaging material with high quality for food items such as cookies, candies, chocolate, etc. Food grade varnish is coated on the inside of tin boxes to prevent corrosion and interaction of the tin with the food product and thus makes it safe for food storage.

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